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How to Understand When You Need New Siding

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Tips on Siding from a Reputable Local Window Contractor

Siding is constantly exposed to wind, rain, snow and temperature fluctuations, so it is no wonder that it may wear out at some point. However, knowing when you need siding repairs or installation, may save you money and time. You shouldn’t wait till your siding starts falling off to replace it. This may put you in the situation to need the work done fast, and most of the time it’s difficult to find a reliable siding contractor at such short notice. Continue reading

What is the Best Decking Material?

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Real Wood vs. Composite – Your Local Deck Contractor Presents the Pros and Cons

If you’re planning to build a new deck, or replace your old one, you’re probably wondering what material would best fit your needs. Although there are a large variety of decking materials on the market today, they all divide into two categories: real wood and composite material. As a reputable deck builder, we would like to expose the pros and cons of both, so that you can make a well-informed decision. Continue reading